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Disney Honeymoon



  LGBT Honeymoon  

Disney Gay and Lesbian Wedding

Disney Honeymoons

Disney has always shown a commitment to be inclusive of guests of all lifestyles and in 2007, Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California began allowing same-sex couples to marry through their Fairy Tale Wedding program. Regardless of whether or not the ceremony is legal in your home area, Disney will allow you to utilize their packages.

Disney can make for a magical gay honeymoon destination that every little boy or girl has dreamed about. To book a Disney Honeymoon Package, fill out a reservation request form and a Honeymoon Specialist will contact you.

Gay and Lesbian honeymoon packages are very easy to book with To make a request, simply e-mail us at with your preference on destination, dates, and any other details you want to tell us about. A LGBT reservation specialist will personally work with you to create your honeymoon package. Our reservation specialists only look for LGBT owned accommodations or gay-friendly accommodations that are TAG Approved. Packages are customizable so you can choose what best fits you and your partner’s dreams.

We take pride in providing this special service for you during this special moment in your lives.

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