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Gay & Lesbian Cruise FAQ's
  Gay & Lesbian Cruise FAQ's  

What is an all-gay cruise?

An all-gay cruise is fun, outgoing, relaxing, entertaining, memorable, friendly, and we could go on and on. You're among friends and surrounded by hundreds of kindred spirits on a first-class cruise ship chartered exclusively for gay and lesbian passengers. It's the perfect place to relax, be yourself, and explore the world around you. You'll enjoy all the amenities you'd expect from a "traditional" cruise, plus customized activities, entertainment, and events designed to ensure a distinctively gay experience.

Non-LGBT Cruises vs. LGBT Cruises

While gay and lesbian cruisers are welcome aboard any cruise ship today, we face a bewildering number of options and questions. Such options allow gay and lesbian passengers to experience something different with each experience, although an all-gay cruise will certainly provide a more exclusive cruise experience. Choosing between the a non-lgbt cruise vs. a lgbt cruise is a matter of preference. The issue of comfort and atmosphere is one of the top reasons why gay travelers choose to cruise with an lgbt cruise provider. However, travelers have more choices of cruise ships, dates, and price ranges than if you restrict your cruise options to an all-gay trip. Ultimately, its your decision how you choose to cruise.

All-gay Cruises vs Gay Group Cruises

In addition to choosing a cruise line you'll also want to distinguish between all-gay cruises and gay group cruises. All-gay cruises or all-lesbian cruises offer just that, the entire ship filled with queers. A gay group cruise is comprised of a group of queers who represent a portion of the passengers on a cruise line. Both of these options enable queer travelers the comfort of being with other queers.

Is an all-gay cruise right for me?

For many gay and lesbian travelers, the opportunity to spend the majority of their cruise vacation in an all-gay environment is more important than the destinations themselves. If you're interested in a customized vacation experience, and an entire cruise ship filled with other gay cruisers, then an all-gay cruise is probably the way to go.

Camaraderie, security, and atmosphere are also big factors for travelers opting for an all-gay cruise. It's an environment where many passengers, surrounded by kindred traveling companions, find it easier to "be themselves." It's a place where gay people are the majority, and it can be a liberating setting for passengers that feel constrained by heterosexual environments and the everyday world. Last, but not least, an all-gay cruise is a great way to make new friends and find romance, too. Plenty of gay and lesbian travelers have made long-term connections on an all-gay cruise.

What's the customized entertainment like on an all-gay cruise?

Gay comedians, leading cabaret performers, special guest speakers and some of the world's biggest stars set sail on all-gay cruises. Costume parties, toga parties, dating and newlywed games, disco and country dances ? you name it and you'll probably find it happening onboard. Think that an all-gay cruise is just one huge party? Several big parties is more like it. The pool games, parades, and t-dances are legendary. State-of-the-art lighting and sound, plus the best DJs in the world, are all on deck, and you won't want to miss the eye-popping productions that companies like Atlantis and RSVP put together.

Are women welcome on Atlantis and RSVP cruises?

Absolutely. Women typically represent between 5% and 10% of Atlantis' guests, and as many as 24% of guests on an RSVP vacation have been women. Atlantis' female guests are usually couples. Women that travel with RSVP are generally women that like to travel with their gay male friends. Both companies are working hard to make that number grow.

Are cruise line staff and crew members really gay-friendly?

You can rest easy. The leading names in all-gay travel work closely with the cruise lines to insure that staff members welcome gay passengers just as they would anyone else. Many staff members specifically request to work an all-gay cruise because they can travel in exchange for work and the passengers are so much fun to be around!

Most cruise liners provide their staff with special training to serve all passengers with courtesy and respect. Contrary to popular belief, gay passengers are treated with the same courtesies as are offered to straight passengers on other cruises.

Are Gay Cruises Just for Sex?

Many people wrongly assume that gay cruises are popular for passengers having sex with each other. While we're sure there are plenty of people getting it on, there are just as many who aren't. Gay and lesbian cruises offer tons of activities for passengers to enjoy in addition to the activities included on the cruise ship. Among the many options to choose from are fine dining, pools, sports activities, gambling, tours, bars and clubs, shopping, and so much more.

Is there a shortage of Gay & Lesbian Cruises?

The misconception is that there is a shortage of itineraries to suit gay travelers. Wrong! With over 15 U.S. based companies that specialize in Gay & Lesbian cruising and over 75 itineraries to choose from, there are plenty of options. More and more cruise companies and itineraries are being introduced as demand has picked up over the last 10 years.

Do I need a visa or passport to cruise?

A valid passport is recommended for all travel. Many countries require your passport to be valid for six months from the completion of your travel. Check your passport to ensure it will be valid for this period of time. Please ensure the name on the passport matches the name on the booking. Additionally, ensure your passport contains blank pages for entry and exit endorsements and any visas that may be required. If necessary, allow sufficient time to renew your passport and/or obtain additional pages.

Your passport should be valid for several months following your trip to avoid any potential problems. All documentation is your responsibility so please make sure that everything is in order before your departure.

To obtain information about applying and renewing a passport visit the State Department's website at www.travel.state.gov, or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's website at www.dhs.gov to verify passport requirements.

Should I buy trip insurance?

Yes. You're spending thousands of dollars for your vacation and a few extra dollars will protect you from emergencies. Most policies offer a waiver of all pre-existing medical conditions, and cover most unexpected occurrences. There are many types of travel insurance companies. Queertrip.com works with Travel Guard, a leader in supplying travel insurance for travelers.

What benefits can I receive for booking a gay & lesbian cruise with Queertrip.com?

Queertrip.com is a full service LGBT travel agency. We believe in providing "Queer Quality" customer service when working with our clients. Our partnerships with the gay & lesbian cruise providers allows us to deliver the best rates to our clients. We offer a past cruise client loyalty program called "Queer Cruiser" which allows any Queertrip.com client who purchases a gay or lesbian cruise a discount valid toward your next cruise.

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