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Gay Ukraine Tours - LGBT Tours
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Visit Ukraine and experience a guided tour by tour guide Vitaliy from Gay Ukraine Tours. Vitality will personally take you on a journey through Ukraine to experience the culture and history.



Big, diverse and largely undiscovered, Ukraine is one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers, a poor nation rich in colour-splashed tradition, warmhearted people and off-the-map travel experiences. The word ‘Ukraine’ means ‘land on the edge’ which fits well with the country's geographical position on the boarder of Euro-Asia. It is partially bounded by two bodies of water - most notably, the Black Sea.

Ukraine has a continental climate with hot summers and long cold winters. The best time to visit is during the summer months of May to August/September. Ukraine is a very popular destination for North American, European and Asian travelers with its world-class resorts that dot the shores of the Black Sea. Tourists from the United States and most of Western Europe, including the European Union and Japan, do not require visas and can stay up to 90 days without further documentation.


The cities of Ukraine are filled with rich history and culture. The capitol, Kiev is the most populous. Other notable cities are Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Odessa. One of the most famous cites in Ukraine is Yalta where the historic Yalta Conference was held in 1945.

The Ukrainian gay scene is still quite small. In Kiev there are about 5 bars and clubs. There is a also a small scene in Kharkov and Simeiz in Crimea.


One of the bigger cities in East Europe, Kiev is situated in the central part of Ukraine on the Diper river. The city boasts over 3 million people, easily making Kiev the largest city in the Ukraine. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of Eastern Europe.

In Kiev you can found lots of monuments with rish history, museums, cathedrals, and other cultural places. Traveling out of Kiev to explore the rest of the country is very easy.


Public attitudes towards homosexuals are generally tolerant in Kiev and Kharkov, but in rural areas, especially in the Western Ukraine people are still extremely conservative and quite homophobic. There are 5 gay clubs in Kiev and a couple of saunas/bath houses. Otherwise, that is the extent of the gay community in Kiev.

If you are interested in visiting the Ukraine, utilizing a tour guide can be very useful. Vitaliy is available to assist any travelers looking to tour the country and experience Ukraine like a local.

To book a Gay Ukraine Tour, please e-mail us at

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