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What is the difference between "Non-Stop" and "Direct" flights?

Many people assume these terms are interchangeable, however in the airline industry each has a specific meaning and confusing the two can lead to unfortunate results.

"Non-stop" flights are what we typically think of when we imagine a direct flight. It makes no stops, does not visit another city, and simply takes you from your origin to your destination in one flight. You literally make 'no stops' which is probably the easiest way to think of it.

"Direct" flights are a bit trickier. While most of us would imagine it to be the same as non-stop, this is not the case. It means specifically that you will not be changing planes on your way to your destination. It is possible that the plane may land in another city, pick up more passengers, then lift off again on the way to your destination. It rarely has more than one stop but it is technically possible for a "direct" flight to stop in 2 other cities before you reach your destination! So it is important to check how many stops are involved before completing your purchase.

Our website will always display this information to you before you complete your transaction and our Travel Specialists will always tell you of any stops if you book your trip over the phone with us.

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