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Travel Talk with Amanda Lepore

Travel Talk with Amanda Lepore
By: Jeremy Bryant

We’re excited to talk travel this month with an international icon, the talented transsexual Amanda Lepore. As a fashion model, recording artist, and entertainer, Amanda Lepore has accomplished a lot. We were lucky to catch up with Amanda while she was in Los Angeles recording. She shares her travel tips and favorite trips with us for this month’s “Travel Talk” interview.

Does the term gay-friendly or gay owned & operatedimpact your decisions when traveling?

I don’t make my travel decisions. My manager and the people that book me do.

When was the last trip you took? Where did you go and why?

I am now in L.A., recording with Sharron Needles, and I go straight to Ibiza, Spain from here.

When traveling on a long flight, how do you pass the time?


What is the best hotel you've ever stayed at? Why?

The Ritz in Paris. Very glamorous and beautiful.

Can you describe your dream vacation?

Performing at a big and important show with lots of fans

Have you traveled to an "LGBT" event? Like for Pride, gay ski week, white party, etc? If yes, which one and why? If no, why?

Yes. I’ve been to all of them.

How many countries have you visited? Which one was your favorite?

I’ve been to many countries. I like Paris during Fashion Week. Also in Spain, Italy and Switzerland I always have a good time.

Which destination would you recommend queer travelers to visit most?

Montreal, Canada has a huge Gay Pride

If you could sit next to anyone on a flight, who would it be?

The handsome guy from the Olympics with the big bulge

What does Amanda Lepore pack for the plane?


What’s the best travel tip you know?

Perfume, comfortable heels, lipstick, water, toothbrush, a pen, a sweater (just in case)

What's next for Amanda Lepore?

More shows!

To keep up with Amanda and hear all her latest music, visit the Amanda Lepore website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter @Amanda_Lepore.

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