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Travel Talk with The Beekman Boys
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Travel Talk with The Beekman Boys

Travel Talk with The Beekman Boys
By: Jeremy Bryant

We’re super excited to share our latest “Travel Talk” interview with the Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge. Known for their reality TV show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent recently won the popular reality travel game show, the Amazing Race. This makes them the second gay couple to win in the show’s history. We got the lucky opportunity to interrupt the busy boys from their crazy life on the farm and talk travel with them.

Where did you guys meet?

We met online 14 years ago in an AOL chatroom. Josh was the first guy I ever dated and my first kiss with a guy. We've been together ever since.

What was your favorite destination that you visited while competing in the Amazing Race?

It is so hard to rate the experience of running the race. The whole race takes place over a 3.5 week period. You are REALLY running a race. You have one or two intense experiences doing the various tasks in a particular country and then you are on to the next destination. There's a tremendous amount to be explored in each of the places we visited.

the beekman boys
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How has winning the Amazing Race changed your lives?

We have lived apart for the past 5 years while we grew our business. Winning the race will reunite us under one roof and finally enable us both to devote our full time and attention to Beekman 1802 and to our community.

What did you learn from racing around the world?

The reason that travel is such an important in shattering prejudices is that you immediately realize that no matter where you are people are just like you. Basic human nature doesn't change based upon geographic location.

And a willingness to smile and to show gratitude is a universal currency.

What is the one item you can’t leave home without?

Running the Race has certainly taught us that we don't need nearly the number of creature comforts we thought we did to be happy and content.

How many countries have you both visited?

We've traveled extensively in our lives and have been through every continent with the exception of Antarctica. That's on our bucket list.

We heard you guys got engaged in 2011, any plans for a wedding? Where would you go for your honeymoon?

We are planning for a June wedding. We've not even thought about a honeymoon yet.

What is your least favorite part about traveling?

The airports.

Do you have any tips to fellow gay couples traveling internationally?

Be respectful of the cultures that you are visiting. Some may not be as progressive in accepting gay couples as others, but nothing is going help change those cultures than positive interactions.

Does the term gay-friendly or gay owned & operated impact your decisions when traveling?

In general, that is not a criteria that we need to check off for traveling. We've been to very remote parts of Africa and South America before without issues. That being said, it's always nice to be surrounded by kindred spirits.

Who takes care of the animals and your farm when you’re on vacation?

Farmer John lives on the farm with us. Those who have seen The Fabulous Beekman Boys show on Cooking Channel know that his passion is for raising the farm's heard of goats. It is true that farmers do not take vacations.

the beekman boys
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Can people visit your farm? If yes, how?

The farm is open to the public twice a year. Garden Party Festival in June and the Harvest Festival in September. These are village-wide festivals and we open up the farm to visitors. People can get information about those festivals at or on our Facebook page, Beekman1802Boys

What’s next for the Beekman boys?

We are opening a new storefront for Beekman 1802 in the spring. Our next cookbook, Beekman 1802 Heirloom Desserts, debuts in the fall, and we will be traveling around the country for that. Our first line of hotel amenities will be ready this year, and you will be seeing them initially in boutique hotels across America.

Life on a farm and as owners of a small business never leaves us looking for things to do.

To keep up with the fabulous Beekman Boys and their active life on the farm, check out their website and follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

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