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Travel Talk with Pam Ann
Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly
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Travel Talk with Pam Ann

Travel Talk with Pam Ann
By: Jeremy Bryant

What do you get when you mix travel and comedy? Why none other than the outrageously funny Pam Ann. The alter-ego of comedienne, creator, writer and producer Caroline Reid, Pam Ann is a curvaceous air-hostess who will have you laughing your ass off.

The fabulous Pam Ann takes passengers on a hilarious journey from check-in to boarding all while poking fun at air travel. From flight attendants to the airlines nothing is off topic as Pam Ann struts the stage and dishes the dirt as she sees it. Her over the top, unique comedic genius has attracted the likes of Elton John, Cher, and Madonna.

Join us as we sit down with Pam Ann to check in and take off on our next travel talk journey.

What’s your favorite airline?

Besides my own airline it would have to be British Airways. I love to be welcomed on board as if I am personally responsible for the death of Princess Diana

If you could sit next to anyone on a flight, who would it be?

Al Qaeda

What’s your favorite destination?

Mykonos Greece

How do you book your travel?

I have people

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while on vacation?  

I can’t remember I’m always cunted

How do you pass the time on a long flight?

Ambien and red wine

With baggage fees increasing, how does a girl like Pam Ann pack for the plane?

Pack!! I have small Indian children to pack for me

What airline has the worst service?

Ryan Air

How did you come up with your characters, like Pam Ann?


What is the one item that you have to have when you travel?


Does the term gay-friendly or gay owned & operated impact your decisions when traveling?

Gays and travel go hand in hand

When was the last trip you took? Where did you go and why?

Israel - Tel Aviv, for a show. I love a double fisting through El Al security

What’s the best travel tip you know?

Scream ‘BOMB’ when you reach 37,000ft

If you had to choose, what city hosts the best Pride events?

Sydney Australia

What’s next for Pam Ann?


Want to see Pam Ann on tour? For tour dates and to learn more about the entertaining Pam Ann, you can visit:

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