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Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly
Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly
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Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly

Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly
By: Jeremy Bryant

Ready to get real? Well, reality that is. This month we caught up with reality star Rachel Reilly, from the Amazing Race season 24, currently airing on CBS. Rachel has appeared on both Big Brother and the Amazing Race twice now, winning Big Brother on its thirteenth season in 2011 and more importantly her husband Brendon. The two married in Sepetmber 2012, which aired on WE TV. As a fierce competitor, Rachel won't let anything get in her way... and we absolutely adore her drive, passion, and motivation! Join the journey with Rachel as we talk travel, boys, and life as a reality star.

Reilly currently is a host on Reality Relapse, a television show focusing on all things reality TV (of course) on the BiteSizeTV network with fellow reality star Ryan Carillo.

Rachel Reilly Headshot

Q: If you could sit next to anyone on a flight, who would it be?

A: Clearly Walt Disney --- but my other choice would CLEARLY be Julie Chen the gossip sesh we could have!

Q: How many countries have you visited?

A: OMG I think a million it feels like it!!!!! We have literally 18 or more YAY!!!!

Q: What's your favorite destination? (Why?)

A: 100% Africa its so amazing and it is what paradise is to me with all the beautiful animals, untouched land, culture, music, I feel like The Lion King came to life... Sri Lanka was a close second it was really fun and there are Elephants every where its like the Jungle Book!

Q: Do you collect any souvenirs when you travel?

A: Yes we try to take maps and we keep little souvenirs when ever we can, like beads and boxes and money etc... I make fun Amazing Race memory boards like a shadow box but better - my fav souvenir was the clue from the bamboo rafts this year because it looks tribal like Ryan's tattoos, Brendon and i don't have any tats yet.

Q: What's your favorite travel app?

A: Does Candy Crush count? I travel to a lot of distant lands on that app... haha jk I like Travel-ocity haha it sounds cliche but its amazing.

Q: What is your least favorite part about traveling?

A: The worst part about traveling is the flights -- I like to take road trips because its an adventure but flying is just a task you have to do to make it to your destination.

Q: What's the best travel tip you know?

A: OMG! This is hard for me, but I think packing light because the more you pack the more shit you have to loose and lets be real when I travel with my hot husband we don't need many clothes (wink*).

Q: As the Big Brother season 13 winner, what's one thing you did with your winnings?

A: I bought my hubby ;) hehe JK I think the best thing we did was pay for some of our wedding YAY MARRIAGE! We also are buying a house so thats cool too.

Q: Which reality show did you like competing on most? Big Brother or the Amazing Race? Why?

A: Big Brother is way harder mentally but I won twice ... I met my hubby and the money..... Amazing Race is more physical but let me tell you not eating and running a lot gets your booty tight and keeps you in shape.

Q: As an Amazing Race contestant with your husband Brendon, what has been the most challenging part of the race?

A: OMG I think the most challenging as a couple is not to be mean to the other person... like with your friends you are just like OMG YOUR STUPID & HURRY UP but if Brendon told me I was stupid I would be so mad at him and probably go off on [him] because I don't have a PhD rant.... and when Brendon tells me to hurry sometimes I walk slower haha.

Rachel Reilly & Ryan Carrillo

Q: You've appeared on 4 seasons of reality TV, will you return for more?

A: I LOVE REALITY TV .... clearly I have a talk show about it... but Yes I maybeish have a lot in the works!

Q: What's next for Rachel Reilly?

A: Rachel Reilly Villegas has BABY ON THE BRIAN.... Brendon when you read this put a brenchel baby in me! Plus trying is fun! hehe

Keep up to date with all things reality TV on Rachel and Ryan's new show Reality Relapse.

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