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Travel Talk with Ryan Carrillo
Travel Talk with Rachel Reilly
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Travel Talk with Ryan Carrillo

Travel Talk with Ryan Carrillo
By: Jeremy Bryant

This month we got the opportunity to interview Ryan Carillo, member of the FAB3 team from ABC's Expedition Impossible. Ryan and his FAB3 team mates raced through extreme conditions around the world. For his experiences and adventures, Ryan is the perfect person to sit down and talk travel with. We caught up with Ryan to talk travel and see what exciting adventures he's been up.

Expedition Impossible w/ AJ Gibson and Kari Gibson using GPS to navigate upstream.

We all watched as you and the FAB3 team raced across the world on the hit ABC show Expedition Impossible. How was that experience? How long were you racing for? How far did you travel? Would you do it again?

Expedition Impossible was such an unbelievable experience. Its hard to sum it all up in a few sentences. It was just a great feeling to really push my body to the limits and to experience it with two of my best friends. We were there for 30 days. The first couple days was training and certifications for swimming, riding horses, rock climbing and water crafts. We started at the border in Algeria and ended in Marrakech. The entire expedition was a couple thousand miles utilizing vehicles, but we trekked 400 miles of it on foot. It was close to doing a half marathon everyday, while carrying all our belonging. You also have to remember the miles were not in a straight line. Sometimes you would have to back track or go up to get across. It was EXTREMELY difficult. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

What advice would you give to other travelers who want to race around the world?

Pack light! LOL. No but seriously if someone is looking to travel like we did you need to pack smart. There is so much great gear you can get now that makes it much easier to do this sort of thing. From clothing, travel packs... to food.

How many countries have you traveled to? Which one is your favorite? Why?

Being a professional athlete I have traveled the world several times. Being a pro skater I have been able to see the world. It is so hard to pick a favorite.. But I love a good beach and warm weather. I would have to say Surfers Paradise, Australia simply for the beaches alone. Australia is a really beautiful country.

Have you ever been on a gay cruise? If yes, describe it. If no, would you? Why or why not?

I have never been on a gay cruise. I have been on a cruise before, just not a gay one. I've always wanted to go. I see the pictures and it looks like a blast. I'm sure I will make it one day... After a six month lead time so I can hit the gym! ;-)

What is the best travel tip you know?

There are so many great deals for travel right now. If you are flexible with your dates and really search you can literally travel the world and not break the bank. I also tell everyone to stick to one airline or partners so it is easy to rack up miles. I have all my credit cards linked for dinning points, etc. I usually only fly United or Star Alliance. I choose United for the economy plus seating. I am 6'5 and if I don't travel first class I enjoy the extra room that United give complimentary to its elite members.

Can you describe your dream vacation?

Dream Vaca... hummmm! Any spot that is warm, humid, sunny and has lots of water. I also like to be physical on my vacations... rock climbing, jet skiing, wind surfing, etc. But I also really enjoy Asia and Europe too...!

Does the term gay-friendly or gay owned & operated impact your decisions when traveling?

Sometimes. I like to usually stay near the "gay area." I tend to look at a few sights to see what the reviews are, etc. But I have stayed at certain hotels before for being gay-friendly.

Have you traveled to a "LGBT" event? Like for Pride, gay ski week, white party, etc? If yes, which one and why? If no, why?

I am close friends with Jeffrey Sanker, who is the founder of so many great gay events... White Party, Gay Days Orlando, etc... I go every year to the White Party and Gay Days Orlando. My entire group of friends go and we always have the best time. Its an event for my friends and I. He throws the best parties. I am going to my first gay ski week in March too! I love to snowboard.

Gays Days Orlando 2011 Left to Right: Gay Jones, Alysha Renee,
Holley Beck, Robert Lucero, Me

When was the last vacation you took? Where did you go and why?

I travel a lot for work.. I was in Dallas last weekend shooting a pilot at a morgue. Don't ask! LOL. Trying to think of the last non work travel! Oh I went to Chicago for my boyfriends birthday. We just went for a few days, hung out with friends, ate at some great restaurants. It was freezing, but we didn't really care.

Do you book your own travel or do you use a travel agent or agency?

I book my own travel and usually book my friends travel. My friends always call me to help them find tickets, etc. I enjoy doing it.

What do you like about travel the most?

It is just nice to get out of Los Angeles. I love the city. I am an original Cali boy... But sometime you just need new people, new surroundings, etc. I consult for people in the bar industry, so I enjoy seeing other bars, clubs and restaurants.


To hear more from Ryan go to and tune into The Ryan and AJ Show every Tuesday and Friday. You can also follow Ryan's on Facebook at ryanallencarrillopage and Twitter at RyanACarrillo.

Casting Director for E.I. Mindy Zemrak in the Sahara Dessert

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