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Travel Talk with Austin Armacost
Travel Talk with The Beekman Boys

September 2011
Travel Talk with Austin Armacost


July 2011
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Travel Talk with Austin Armacost

Travel Talk with Austin Armacost
By: Jeremy Bryant

We’re talking travel with Austin Armacost, star of Logo’s the A List: New York, and we’re chatting it up about his honeymoon, the A List, and Austin’s travel tips. Living in England and spending the summers in New York, Austin has traveled the world making him the perfect person to gab about gay travel.

What is the one item you can't travel without?
Xanax!!! Even though I am in the sky more than a flight attendant working overtime, it still works my nerves a bit. Popping into the VIP lounge to have a vodka & OJ with a xanax chaser is just the ticket. See you later nerves...

What is your favorite hotel?
The Cooper Square in NYC far exceeds any hotel of its kind. Excellence is a minimalistic term when it comes to the service, decor, & sheer elegance of this elite business hotel. The massive bathtubs and European style wet rooms offer a somewhat aquatic escape from the madness of Manhattan below you. 

Being recently wed last year, did you and Jake plan a honeymoon?
Due to scheduling conflicts we were not able to have a honeymoon immediately following our ceremony. However, this year we will be taking a honeymoon trip following our 1 year anniversary. Greece is our #1 destination at this point. 

Do you have a favorite destination/city? Why? How many times have you been?
As unconventional and unexpected as this answer is, one of my ALL TIME favorite destinations is the Lake District in Northern England. The views are mind blowing, the air is fresh and crisp, and the activities are endless: kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, etc... My husband and I are big fans of wilderness in the countryside, opposed to wildness in gay "hotspots!"

If you could take only 2 other "A-Lister's" on a vacation, who would they be?
Derek would obviously be my #1 choice, we have already traveled together all over the country and we always have a great time. Secondly, I would have to say Ryan because he keeps me somewhat sane. Mother hen as some of us call him, he balances out my madness sometimes.

What is the best travel tip you know?
Light exercise is the BEST way to get over jet lagged. Even if it is only 30 minutes of cardio or light weights, DO IT!

Have you ever faced discrimination for being gay while traveling?
No, but my travel plans have had to change due to my sexuality. I wanted to take Jake to Egypt for Valentine's day this year. We found a great hotel, lovely activities, etc... Then I started getting several messages on facebook & twitter saying it was a bad idea. I decided to change our destination due to these circumstances. Also, I find it humorous traveling through customs in ANY country and they ask "What were you doing in the country?" I respond with "visiting my partner." The officers quickly come back with "well why isn't your wife traveling?" I jump back with "You mean my HUSBAND!" It is always a laugh to see their facial expressions after they hear that response.

What city has the best "gay" scene?
My favorite "scene" would have to be Chicago. Most guys there come from the mid west so we all have good morals, values, and upbringings. It is a scene that is just not (cunty) & everybody just wants to have a great time.

Have you ever stayed at an all-male resort?
Absolutely not! Those places are all about sex. Being a young and respected (in my own mind) in this community I just do not think it is appropriate for my husband or I to attend those venues. If you enjoy that lifestyle then go for it, but not for the 2 of us.

Do you book your own travel or do you use a travel agent or agency?
I ALWAYS book my own travel. I have been traveling the world for many years so I know the secrets to either save money, get free upgrades, or free excursions. Also, I just enjoy finding a great deal; it puts a smile on my face.

Is there a destination/city that you've always wanted to visit, but never have?
I have still not yet been to Canada. Montreal & Toronto are both at the top of my destination lists.

Does the term gay-friendly or gay owned & operated impact your decisions when traveling?
I tend to not get influenced by those terms. I am a proud gay man & am that way whether I am in Mykonos at a gay pool party or in a conservative mid western town. I am not easily influenced by my surroundings.

What advice, if any, would you give to other travelers?
Pack light! Baggage prices can be a bitch.

Oh how true!

To learn more about Austin, tune into Logo’s the A List: New York.

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